UTI Complications

Overall, urinary tract infections are not pleasant and will make you feel pretty bad. But, they can also do other things as well.

One of the larger problems that are faced with UTI’s is if they progress to become pyelonephritis, which can cause some pretty serious damage to the kidneys. They kidney has an extremely large and elaborate filter system, but that does not mean that it can handle anything and everything. Once there is a certain amount of damage to the kidney system, it is going to make it that much harder to keep the bacteria and waste out of the body.

Once this situation gets to the point to where your kidneys are failing, you then would have to start dialysis. Which is basically a term used when talking about filtering your blood through an artificial kidney, which is a huge step down from a real kidney. The only other choice at that point is a kidney transplant.

If the tissues of the kidney that control pressure regulation are scarred, you are going to face a different kind of complication. When this occurs, it can lead to frequent fainting at the very least because your blood pressure is too low. It can also lead to your blood pressure being too high, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Yes, these complications can occur quickly, but they are only in cases that involve severe infections. Most of the time you will see the damage that was done by the initial infection happening over a period of months or even years.

How UTIs are treated