UTI symptoms after period cycle. What could this mean?

The beginning of this year I’ve gotten bad symptoms of UTI and went to the doctors to get it check out couple months later. These symptoms would go on and off. They check my vagina for any STD’s and gonorheea, and other nasty infections. I had nothing. The doctor told me I had UTI bladder infection. They prescribe me some antibiotics. And I took all of them till it was gone. I felt somewhat better for a couple of weeks until it started to reoccur again. I keep track of the reoccurring of the symptoms. It always happens to be a day or days right after I finish my period cycle. I’m on birth control so I only bleed within the first three days. And when I’m back on the birth control the symptoms can last for a day or a week. The symptoms aren’t that bad than before but it’s annoying and my husband thinks it’s because we have sex frequently and the friction has to do something with it. My husband and I have sex on a regular basis. At least 5-6 times a week. We BOTH do not have any type of STDs whatsoever. We both are clean people. What should I do?



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    First of all drink a lot of water and some cranberry juice for the week on/during/after your cycle you know a day or so before the days of and a day or so after. dont let yourself get dry during intimacy. always urinate after sex to flush out any bacteria. uti’s are caused by bacteria so somehow your getting bacteria where it shouldn’t be. if you use pads change them more frequently and buy some of those feminine wipes to clean yourself between changing it. shower daily especially during cycle try using a feminine wash or maybe even an antibacterial soap. feminine wash is hypoallergenic and more suitable for the more sensitive area. maybe even an extra shower during that time of the month. also always be sure to properly clean any “novelties” that you might use. don’t take a bath during this time showers only. this is a little personal but always wipe yourself front to back so you aren’t pulling the nasty all around. good luck hope i helped a little at least.

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