Where Does The UTI Usually Occur In The Urinary Tract

Generally, the farther the organ is from the point of entry, the less chance it will have to become infected.

Urethritis is the first one we will discuss, which is inflammation or infection of the urethra. Although this can be caused by other things besides the normal organisms that may be involved with urinary tract infections. It can also be caused by stool and some sexually transmitted diseases are first considered to be urethritis.

Cystitis is basically an infection of the bladder. When you break down the word, “itis” means inflammation. There can be non-bacterial reasons for inflammation of the bladder, but more commonly it is because of bacterial infection. This is also the most common type of UTI. Usually it happens when the bladder doesn’t get a chance to fully empty itself.

Ureteritis is known as an infection of a ureter. It can happen when the bacteria enters the urinary tract from above, or if there is a problem with the ureter to bladder combination, like the valves not working correctly and thus disrupting the process of urination.

Pyelonephritis is when you have an infection in the kidney itself. This can be caused by an infection from above, or if the reflux from the ureters is so bad that urine that is infected makes it all of the way to the kidney.

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